We are a contemporary agriculture company. We develop products to help farmers grow crops that use energy, water and land efficiently. The need of the hour is to bring humanity's needs in harmony with earth's resources. Agricultural innovation is the key to this.

Integrity, reliability and innovation are our core values and ensuring sustainability is the foundation of our work. We research, develop, test and collaborate to bring the best in agricultural innovation and products. The principles of good science and continuous improvement drive us in this goal.

No matter the acreage, climate, or crop, Gagangiri Agro Innovative products can provide value to your business. Currently, our product offerings include organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, organic fungicides and organic growth promoters for foliar spray and direct soil application.

Our agricultural initiatives and products are aimed at making a contribution to one of the greatest challenges faced today - sustainability. As we see it, it is imperative for us to support farmers in their efforts to increase yields while protecting the environment and improving their quality of life at the same time.


  • Vision

    To make soil, crops and the environment healthy by enriching, protecting and offering the best quality and completely organic products making our brand synonymous with differentiated service and happy customers.

  • Mission

    To provide higher brand value and become the preferred choice of customers in agricultural inputs solutions.

    Turnover of 10,000 crores (INR.) in the next 10 years

  • Values

    Research and realize new ideas and technologies in creating value for the environment, the customers as well as the industry.

    To conduct business fairly and maintain transparency in all interactions. Maintaining client confidentiality and adherence to regulatory guidelines and frameworks.

    Maintaining professionalism in business while being a dependable partner, creating better value in our solutions through thorough understanding of the customers' needs.

    We are committed to making a proactive and positive contribution towards the community. As a responsible business entity, we strive to contribute and abide by all environmental and legal norms.



Our production facility, spread over 10000 sq.ft. in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, houses a full setup of cutting edge production and quality control machinery, automation and an expert production team. It also includes separate automated production lines for liquid, granules and powder form products.


Our team constantly invests time in research and innovation to better our products with the single goal of reducing the production costs at the farmer level. Meticulous process planning and constant review is key for the development of the better products.

Constant feedback and trials with farmer groups and various agricultural research institutes help us in under endeavour to constantly better ourselves. With the use of state-of-the-art labs and technical know-how of industry experts, we strive to develop the best products constantly. Our products are 100% natural and are certified under NPOP standards accredited by APEDA.

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