OVERVIEW : NUTRIO HUMATE is especially beneficial in freeing up nutrients in the soil so that they are made available to the plant as needed. Humic acid is also especially important because of its ability to chelate micronutrients increasing their bio-availability. Plants grown on soils which contain adequate, humic acid and fulvic acids are less subject to stress are healthier, produce higher yields; and the nutritional quality of harvested produce is superior.

NUTRIO HUMATE also contains Potassium which plays a very important role in the plant growth and reproduction. The element is taken by the roots in the form of potassium ions. Potassium ions help the plant use the water more efficiently. The ions regulate water loss from the leaves.

Potassium plays vital role in enzyme activation, sugar transport, photosynthesis, plant growth mechanism and many other important functions.

Plant growth, root development, and seed and fruit development are usually reduced in potassium-deficient plants.

DOSAGE :■ 1 gm. per lit of water for foliar spray application
■ 2 gm. per lit for soil application through fertigation system

SIZES :250 gms, 500 gms & 1 kg


Certified under NPOP standards accredited by APEDA

Other Details


    Nutrio humate is an organic certified fertilizer for white roots developments and total strength of the plant. Nutrio humate is a combination of natural humic acid and fulvic acid with potassium.

    NUTRIO HUMATE delivers following advantages in plant -

    ■ Better seed germination.
    ■ Develop White Root Zone of the plant.
    ■ Gives Vegetative Growth and New Buds.
    ■ Improves Soil Conductivity and results in easier, quicker absorption of nutrients.
    ■ Developments of new roots give increased absorptions of nutrients which results in Growth, more fruits and higher yield.
    ■ Fulvic Acid helps in protein synthesis and better nutrient circulation in plant.


    ■ Organic Matter -   80%
    ■ Organic Carbon -  45%
    ■ Potassium as K20 -  10%
    ■ Humic + Fulvic -  70%


    Humic and Fulvic acids (Fulvic acids are humic acids of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content than other humic acids) are commonly used as a soil supplement in agriculture
    Humic acid is primarily found in manure, peat, lignite coal, and leonardite. It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter. Bio-degradation means breaking down of certain substance by the action of bacteria, air, water and sunlight.

    Humic acid extracted from leonardite (Mineraloid) is an excellent input in modern agriculture whereas humic acid extracted from manure or peat is usually not as effective in absorbing micronutrients as originating in leonardite.

    Humic acid is not fertilizer as it does not provide directly nutrients to plants but is compliments to fertilizer. Humic acid is less commonly used in Human nutritional supplements.

    NUTRIO HUMATE Benefits
    ■ Addition of Organic matter to organically-deficient soil.
    ■ Increase root Vitality.
    ■ Improve nutrient uptake.
    ■ Increase chlorophyll synthesis.
    ■ Increase fertilizer retention.
    ■ Stimulate beneficial microbial activity.
    ■ Healthier plants and improved yields.

    When applied to clay soil, humic acid helps to break the compacted soil, allowing enhanced water penetration and better root zone growth and development. When applied to sandy soil, humic acid add essential organic material necessary for water retention thus improving root growth and enhancing uptake of nutrients to plants.


    ■ Keep in a cool & dry place

    ■ Shake well before application

    ■ Keep out of reach from children & pets