OVERVIEW : NUTRIO SIZE is a Certified Organic Fertilizer for Fruit & Vegetable Growth size

NUTRIO SIZE is rich in Organic Potassium (K), Organic Nitrogen (N), and various plant and animal extracts and auxins.

DOSAGE :1ml – 2ml per litre of water for foliar application after fruit-setting

SIZES : 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 Litre


Certified under NPOP standards accredited by APEDA

Other Details


    NUTRIO: SIZE organically provides required nutrients in proper proportion to plants.
    Nutrio Size is a certified organic foliar spray that delivers the following advantages in plant

    ■ Increase in Size of Fruit and Vegetable
    ■ Increase in Length of Vegetable.
    ■ Increase Weight of Harvest.
    ■ Better Shelf Life of Harvest.
    ■ Increase Water and Sugar holding of fruits.
    ■ Gives even sizes of fruits.
    ■ Applicable to all fruits and vegetables.


    ■ Organic Matter -   10%
    ■ Organic Carbon -  5.5%
    ■ Organic Nitrogen -  3%
    ■ Organic Potassium -   8%
    ■ Plant Extract Auxins - 8%


    External Factors such as water, nutrients sunlight, thinning and pests and diseases affects fruit and vegetable growth.

    Water :
    If water is of short supply the fruit may go through its normal cycle of development but will not grow to its optimum size. Enough amount of water is considered effective factor for increase fruit and vegetable size.

    Nutrients :
    Low levels of mineral nutrients may directly influence flower and fruit development. Potassium deficiency may affect fruit color. While lack of nitrogen tends to result in smaller fruit. Very high nitrogen results in fruit with poor storage life. A plant or tree growing in soil adequately supplied with nutrients will have a plentiful supply of healthy leaves will photosynthesis sufficient carbohydrates to produce high quality flowers and support good quality fruit and vegetable growth.

    Sunlight remains an important factor for farmer, orchardist to consider in relation to fruit growth. Exposing maximum leaves to direct sunlight is effective. This is why pruning and dwarfing rootstocks is important. The well Pruned trees, plants and well considered planting will expose maximum amount of leaves to sunlight and thus provide sufficient amount of carbohydrates to enable fruit to grow full size. Leaves of dwarf trees seem to be more efficient in exporting photosynthates because they are exposed to direct sunlight for more hours of the day than those on standard trees.

    Thinning Young Fruits:
    One of the reason for thinning fruit is to influence growth by ensuring that the fruit remain have sufficient amount of water, nutrients and carbohydrates to enable the fruit to full size. Removal of flowers or young, immature fruits early in the spring can lead to increases in fruit size by limiting the number of fruits that continue growing to harvest. It increases the leaf-to-fruit ratio and removes smaller fruit that would never reach optimum size or quality.

    Pests and Diseases:
    It is not often realized one of the important reasons for good pests and disease control is to achieve good fruit set and fruit growth. The codling moth on apples or brown rot on peaches makes the fruit unsaleable. But the effect of mites. E.g. in reducing photosynthesis efficiency or caterpillar or beetles in consuming a large proration of leaf blade can have effects which are almost as damaging. The reduced photosynthesis limits carbohydrate production in turn reduces crop load and decrease fruit size. Factors such as water, sunlight are natural so we get them by nature. Application of fertilizer will permit the plant to absorb the mineral nutrients.


    ■ Keep in a cool & dry place

    ■ Shake well before application

    ■ Keep out of reach from children & pets