OVERVIEW : NUTRIO STRESS FREE is a Certified Organic Fertilizer for Recovery and Growth of Plant in Stressed Conditions.
NUTRIO STRESS FREE is a combination of various Organic Matters, Organic Nitrogen and various Plant Amino Acids.

DOSAGE :1-2 gms. per litre of water for foliar spray application in stress conditions

SIZES :250 gms, 500 gms & 1 kg


Certified under NPOP standards accredited by APEDA

Other Details


    Nutrio SRF releases the nutrients, auxins to the plant over a period of more than 2 months due to it slow release phenomenon. It contains organic minerals available from mine extracts. It is a bio stimulant which prevents fungal root infections, and is free from heavy metals. It is suitable for all crops as it is completely organic in nature and thereby eliminating over dosage issues.

    NUTRIO STRESS FREE delivers the following advantages in plants -

    ■ Supports plant resistance to stress and helps to overcome the arrest of vegetative growth due to stress factors
    ■ Recover plant from stress conditions due to application of Weedicides, strong chemical pesticides.
    ■ Recover plant from yellowing conditions due to heavy rain.
    ■ Gives new buds and vegetative growth.
    ■ Increase nutrient uptake in plant.
    ■ Increase chlorophyll production.
    ■ Provide rich source of organic nitrogen.
    ■ Stimulates synthesis of vitamins.
    ■ Influence various enzymatic systems.
    ■ Higher nutritional content, size, flavour and colouration of fruits.
    ■ Increases pest and pathogen resistance.


    ■ Organic Matter -   80%
    ■ Organic Carbon -  30%
    ■ Organic Nitrogen -   6%
    ■ Amino Acids Combination -   20%
    ■ Plant Extract Auxins -30%


    Stress conditions, both biotic and abiotic cause extensive losses to agricultural production worldwide. The major types of stresses which potentially affect plant growth and nutrient uptake on a global basis are flooding, salinity and water stress (drought) and extreme temperature (heat), frost, hail, infections or use of pesticides.

    In addition, the other stresses which also potentially and perhaps simultaneously affect the normal growth of plants and ultimately the nutrient uptake scenario are, for example, seedbed preparation, plant population, planting time, types of soil properties, nutrient imbalances and their interactions, soil organisms, diseases, weeds, toxic metals, air pollution, growth regulators.
    To get the plants out of stress conditions.

    NUTRIO STRESS FREE is a combination of Organic Nitrogen, various plant Amino acids and Organic matters.
    Amino acids are required by plants throughout all their growing stages. Amino acids are the starting points for the synthesis of cellular molecules including vitamins, nucleotides, chlorophyll, enzymes, proteins etc.

    Plants are able to synthesize all the amino acids, the protein ones as well as the non-protein ones, using a nitrogen source such as ammonium and nitrate which are in the soil or that are contributed by foliar way. Some amino acids contain sulphur that the plant gets from the soil sulphate.

    Amino Acids have an important nutritional function during germination, during the synthesis of proteins (enzymes and structural proteins, etc.); in the formation of phytohormones such as auxins, ethylene, polyamines, porphyries etc. In the regulation of the water balance especially when plants are under stressful conditions. Amino acids also act as chelating molecules of essential nutrients for normal development of the plant.


    ■ Keep in a cool & dry place

    ■ Keep out of reach from children & pets