OVERVIEW : NUTRIO pH BALANCER is a Certified Organic Fertilizer to reduce Salinity and pH of soil.

NUTRIO pH BALANCER is a combination of Organic Calcium, Organic Nitrate Nitrogen and Plant auxins.

Organic calcium is needed for enzyme formation and nitrate uptake. Organic calcium can also be used to help neutralize excessively acidic soils, which is especially important when you’re growing green, leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach, vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. Organic nitrate nitrogen is needed for plants to make the proteins they need for biosynthesis.

DOSAGE :■ 1ml -2ml per lit of water for drip irrigation or fertigation system.
■ Dosages depend upon pH of soil and salinity present

SIZES :1 Litre


Certified under NPOP standards accredited by APEDA

Other Details


    NUTRIO: pH BALANCER delivers following advantages in plant -

    ■ Reduce Salinity of the soil.
    ■ Dissolve salt content of soil into ions and make them available to plant.
    ■ Provides Calcium to the plant, overcome Calcium deficiency.
    ■ Provide nitrate nitrogen to the plant, gives greenery and growth.
    ■ Reduce pH of soil so increase availability of nutrients.


    Soil salinization is the accumulation of soluble salts of sodium, magnesium and calcium in soil to the extent that soil fertility is severely reduced. SALINITY is the degree to which water contains dissolved salts.
    Salinity from irrigation can occur over time wherever irrigation occurs, since almost all water (even natural rainfall) contains some dissolved salts. When the plants use the water, the salts are left behind in the soil and eventually begin to accumulate.

    Soil salinity is one of the most serious agricultural problems. In field conditions, saline soils can be recognized by the spotty growth of crops and often by the presence of white salt crusts on the surface. When the salt problem is only mild, growing plants often have a blue-green tinge. Barren spots and stunted plants may appear in cereal or forage crops growing on saline areas. If the salinity level is not sufficiently high to cause barren spots, the crop appearance may be irregular in vegetative vigour.

    If your soil has high salinity content, the plants growing there will not be as vigorous as they would be in normal soils. Seeds will germinate poorly, if at all, and the plants will grow slowly or become stunted. If the salinity concentration is high enough, the plants will wilt and die, no matter how much you water them. Routine soil testing can identify your soil’s salinity levels and suggest measures you can take to correct the specific salinity problem in your soil.

    Moderate salinity, however, particularly if it tends to be uniform throughout the field, can often go undetected because it causes no apparent injuries other than restricted growth. Leaves of plants growing in salt infested areas may be smaller and darker blue-green in colour than the normal leaves.

    Plants in salt-affected soils often have the same appearance as plants growing under moisture stress (drought) conditions although the wilting of plants is far less prevalent because the osmotic potential of the soil solution usually changes gradually and plants adjust their internal salt content sufficiently to maintain turgor and avoid wilting.

    Causes of saline soils
    Saline soil is caused by four separate conditions:

    ■ High salt in the parent material and low rainfall (low leaching),
    ■ High rainfall with poor internal drainage,
    ■ High water table that carries salt to the soil surface, and
    ■ High amount of salt being applied through chemicals, manure and poor quality irrigation water.
    How to prevent and manage soil salinity :

    ■ Select the crop that fits the conditions in your field.
    ■ Know the leaching requirement of your farm.
    ■ Keep the right intervals between irrigation
    ■ Use appropriate organic fertilizers
    ■ Last but not least have your soil tested periodically.


    ■ Strictly follow label instructions on Insecticide, Herbicide, Plant Growth Regulator, Fertilizer & micro nutrients for tank filling and fill water volume only upto 90%

    ■ Add 3S, mix thoroughly, wait & add remaining water