OVERVIEW : NUTRIO-SRF is an organic certified slow release granular fertilizer. It is a granular combination of various natural nutrients coated with humic acid, amino acids, seaweeds and various plant auxins. It is an approved input by AOCA under NPOP standards accredited by APEDA as an input for organic farming.

DOSAGE :5 kg to 25 kg per acre of soil based on type of crop
■ For grain crops – 25kg to 50Kg per acre as per soil requirements.
■ For vegetables – 50Kg per acre.
■ For fruit crops – 50gm to 100gm per tree/plant.
Can be applied at soil preparation time and at various development stages plant.

SIZES :5 kg


Certified under NPOP standards accredited by APEDA

Other Details


    Nutrio SRF releases the nutrients, auxins to the plant over a period of more than 2 months due to it slow release phenomenon. It contains organic minerals available from mine extracts. It is a bio stimulant which prevents fungal root infections, and is free from heavy metals. It is suitable for all crops as it is completely organic in nature and thereby eliminating over dosage issues.

    Nutrio SRF delivers the following advantages in plants :

    ■ Improves white root development
    ■ Improves crop vitality and texture
    ■ Reduces fertilizers and nitrogen inputs
    ■ Maintain soil condition to obtain positive nutrients from present soil
    ■ Eco friendly and decomposable
    ■ For agricultural use only


    ■ Potassium Humate -   6%
    ■ Seaweed Extract -   5%
    ■ Amino Acid -   3%
    ■ Organic Mineral Granule - 83%
    ■ Moisture -   3%


    Dry blends and granular, slow release fertilizer is easy to broadcast and suited for broad-area coverage.

    Slow-release fertilizers are sold as dry granules and work by releasing small quantities of nutrients each time a plant is watered. This type can be shaken onto the soil. Slow-release fertilizers can last in soil from a few months to several years, which is one reason why these types are becoming more popular and are much easier to maintain. Slow-release formulas become activated by water so they work best underground where it stays damp or under mulching. They release their nutrients slowly -a good watering gets them started -giving you long-lasting, healthy results.

    A granulated fertilizer mixture contains any two or more plant nutrients mixed in a granular form or is granulated after mixing individuals components.

    The granulation of fertilizer offers a well-defined grain size distribution nutrient content and good application properties. Besides the higher bulk density of granules needs a lower storage place and can also be stored and transported more economically.

    Granular mixed fertilizers do not cake as much as powder mixed fertilizers and can cause less dust which minimizes product losses. Granular fertilizers delay the nutrient delivery to the plants until the granules disintegrate completely and thus ensure nutrients supply to the plant over a long period.

    The nice thing about coated granular fertilizers is that you apply them only once or twice during the growing season and they gradually release nutrients in tiny doses as roots can take them up. When applied at the right rate and in places where they don’t wash away, these high-tech products are more environmentally sound because they are less likely to contribute excess nutrients to any runoff that ends up in local streams.


    ■ Keep in a cool & dry place

    ■ Keep out of reach from children & pets